Galeri/Miz will host Mehmet Gazioğlu for his Personal Exhibition ” TRANSFORM ” in-between dates 12 November – 7 December 2019


In this exhibition, Mehmet Gazioğlu questions the concepts of ready-made objects, randomness, fiction, expression, and abstraction with metal materials in which he invites the viewer to an aesthetic experience that questions the intersection of many phenomena and at the same time suggests looking from another perspective.

In the text that Nilgün Yüksel wrote for the exhibition, she makes the following determinations based on the limits of today’s understanding of creation regarding his works: “Mehmet Gazioğlu’s works a structure that is articulated to present day, renders the invisible visible, embodies images that we are not aware of, do not know that exist in our world and have not seen before, and re-remind us the emergence of the common denominators of science and art in both ways. In this time when the work has surpassed the representation, descriptions and rules, Gazioğlu transforms metal, which is the material of the industrial area that he grew up and knew, into an art object. Not only by putting into a form, but by reveal what is already in the material and then enriches by stratifying it…”