Mehmet Gazioğlu


Mehmet Gazioglu ;  The artist, centering on creativity, feelings and vision, keeps up with the fast developing designs with his style. His artistic vocabulary started with a progress of images manipulated through reflectivity of psychedelic photography.


He  pursued making visible what was invisible in the metal and made the details visible in the material that our physical perception could not even notice. This contained an idea identical to the transformation of both object and perception while creating a state of awareness. In other sayings, it was the destroying of the illusion that we had nothing to see. By unlocking his imagination, he started to work by combining  new techniques with his abstract artistic preference. He  present his own story.


Born in 1977 in Istanbul, He grew up in the steel industrial world that his family has been manufacturing since four generations and he worked there as chief operating officer and investments executive. He is still actively working as vice president of his company.  Growing up in a social family supporting his identity. Finding inspiration from an open mind ,he explores mechanical materials toward more masculine and living pop culture designs into conceptual art.  Mehmet Gazioğlu has been interested in ancient and modern art, visual language, modern arhitecture, popular culture and photography.


Artist transforms the material, the wastes we ignore, and many more things that we do not realize, while also allowing for imagination and reproduction of interpretation with forms and colors. He lights a fire in the middle of the void with what he adds to and cuts out from the material. The sculptures are volatile.






1996-2000 Bryant University  USA


2019 ” TRANSFORM ” Galeri/Miz, İstanbul/TR
2018 ” MORPHOSİS ” İstanbul/TR
2017 ” SURREALİSTS DREAM ” Soho House, İstanbul/TR



2020 ” ART3F MONACO ” group exhibition on 21-23 August to be exhibited with Artistes ContemporainsTurquie ( France )

2019 “ TRANSFORM “ Solo Exhibition on 12 November to 7 December at Galeri/Miz Gallery
( İstanbul/Turkey )

2019 “ CONTEMPORARY İSTANBUL  “ Group Exhibition on 11-15 September with Art Gallery Galeri/Miz
( İstanbul/Turkey )

2019 “ ARTWEEKS AKARETLER “  Group Exhibition on 2-22 September with Art Gallery Baraz
( İstanbul/Turkey )

2019 “ ART EXPO ANKARA “ Group Exhibition on 12-17 March with Art Gallery Galeri/Miz
( Ankara/Turkey )

2018 “ ART EXPO İSTANBUL “ Group Exhibition on 11-15 December with Art Gallery Baraz
( İstanbul/Turkey )

2018 “ İNTERNATİONAL ARTS SYMPOSİUM “ Group Exhibition on 15-21 October ( İstanbul/Turkey )

2018 “ CONTEMPORARY İSTANBUL – ART FAİR “ Group Exhibition on 19-23 September  with Art Gallery Baraz ( İstanbul / Turkey )

2018 “MORPHOSİS“ Solo Exhibition on May 22 to June 12 ( İstanbul/ Turkey )

2018 “SAİNT-BENOİT COLORS OF HAPPİNESS” Group Exhibition on 11th February ( İstanbul/Turkey )

2017 “ABSTRACT MIRROR” Group Exhibition on Nov 22nd to December 5 th ( İstanbul/Turkey )

2017 ‘İNTERNATİONAL  ARTS SYMPOSİUM “  Group Exhibition 0n October 14 th ( İzmir / Turkey )

2017  “SURREALİSTS DREAM”  Solo Exhibition on May 4th with Soho House Team ( İstanbul/Turkey )

2016 “MODERN ART WORKS”, A Sculpture was created from waste steel sheets an idea and partnership of Düzce University  in order to gain a city vision in the field of industry and culture. ( Sakarya/Turkey )





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Mehmet Gazioğlu